Having a rough pregnancy? We can help!

No, we can’t take away your hyperemesis gravidarum, but we can help lighten your load so you can rest and feel supported. As doulas, we recognize the importance of a mom being supported not only in birth and postpartum, but also during pregnancy! We are available to help you with household cleaning, care of older children, running errands, making meals, and more, so you can take care of yourself without stress.

Why hire an Antepartum (Bad Day) Doula?

  • We are professionals in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and can help you without judgment or expectations.

  • We are trusted by our communities and have experience in what you are going through.

  • Your mental and physical health is important, and having a rough pregnancy can feel very isolating!

When should you hire an Antepartum Doula?

You can contact us whenever you need us! Some families need help during early pregnancy while they ride out 1st trimester morning sickness, some find out they need to be on bedrest in their 2nd trimester and beyond - we are available to support you regardless of where you are in your pregnancy!

What can you expect from hiring an Antepartum Doula?

You will receive the same level of quality and attention to detail that we give to our birth and postpartum clients! We will help you navigate the rough days of pregnancy and make sure you are well cared for. Some of the things you can expect your doula to help you with are:

  • Meal Prep

  • Household chores (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc)

  • Running errands

  • Older sibling care while you rest

  • Emotional support

Investment: $30/hr

3 hr shift minimum