Frequently Asked Questions:

Birth FAQ:

Q - "So what exactly is a doula?"

A - A doula is a support person for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We are not medical professionals, although we do serve people in medical atmospheres. We are your guides through one of life's most unpredictable and greatest adventures! We go by many names - comfort ninjas, baby whisperers, holders of intimate and vulnerable space, protectors of nuance, oxytocin facilitators, the list goes on. But you get the idea.  


Q -"I have a midwife. Should I still have a doula?"

A - Your midwife is a highly trained, trusted medical provider. And although they are a compassionate professional, they are also very busy. If you have a midwife in a hospital setting, your midwife will not stay with you for the duration of your labor. However, your doula will! Your doula will be sure that your emotions surrounding your birth experience are validated, you are as physically comfortable as possible and that your questions are answered as they come up. We work with midwives and OBs alike to create both a dynamic and relaxing atmosphere where everybody works together to take care of YOU!


Q - "If I get an epidural or need a cesarean, will you leave me?"

A - In short: NO! There is no situation that could come up where we would leave our client in the birth space, UNLESS you directly express to us that you would like some time alone. Sometimes we will step out after you've gotten comfortable with your epidural just to give you some space to sleep, but we never go far (usually we go to grab some food or coffee). Just because you may get an epidural or need a cesarean, does not mean that you are any less in need of support - emotionally, physically or educationally. We are with you *every* step of the way!


Q - "My partner is very supportive. Should I still have a doula?"

A - Having a supportive partner is so great! That makes such a huge difference in your birth experience. But they do not know birth like we do. And that's okay - because they know YOU better than we do! We are not there to replace your partner by any means. We are there to facilitate a space where you can bond, not only with your baby, but with your partner as well!


Q - "Do you attend unassisted homebirths?"

A - We support the right for every birthing person to have the birth experience that they want. However, unassisted home births put us at risk legally and financially. Therefore we are unable to attend home births that a medical provider is not also attending due to liability purposes. 


Q - "What happens if you're at another birth when I go into labor?"

A - Since we can't anticipate when our clients will go into labor, we only take 2-3 clients per month to avoid due dates overlapping. However, if they DO overlap, we have a trusted pool of doulas we work with to act as a backup system. Here’s the best part: You will get to meet our backup at your prenatal meeting via video chat! You will not have a stranger walk into your birth space.

Postpartum FAQ:

Q - “What can I expect from my postpartum doula during the day?”

A - Your Postpartum Doula is there to be your extra set of hands for a wide range of needs! Most families use our service for catching up on light housework, basic meal prep, newborn care so you can take a shower or nap, breastfeeding support and running errands. Plus, those early days of new parenthood can be pretty dang lonely - having someone hang out with you while completing some pressing tasks can bring next-level peace of mind and support!

Q - “What can I expect from my postpartum doula overnight?”

A - Newborn babies have to eat every 2-3 hours, and by the time you finish feeding, burping, changing, swaddling and soothing your baby, it’s almost time to start over again! Your doula will be there to offer support while you feed your baby (having someone to talk to in the middle of the night can be so nice) and then to take over after you’ve finished feeding the baby (if you choose to breastfeed) so you can get as much sleep as possible. Your doula will also offer any advice or tips as they see the need.

Q - “Are your Postpartum Doulas also Lactation Professionals?”

A - In short, no. Although all of us range in our knowledge and experience, your postpartum doula will be able to give basic breastfeeding advice. But if there is a situation where we don’t know the answer, we will tell you so and we will make sure you get advice from our IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant).

Still need some clarification on something?

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