Mary Pope

Birth Doula | Newborn & Family Care Coordinator | Childbirth Educator | Bereavement Doula

 Photography by Sarah Engle at  Wunderkind Gallery

Photography by Sarah Engle at Wunderkind Gallery

I was born and raised in Ontario Canada, where I was exposed to a variety of ethnic cultures. As the oldest of 5 children, taking care of babies and mothers became second nature for me. It was something that I became passionate about even as a teenager.

My background is in music education and much of my early adulthood was spent in the arts - teaching classical and sacred piano and working with local artists at an art gallery. I met my husband immediately after he finished his service in the US Army. A few months later, we got married and decided to move to Kansas City. Shortly before moving, we found out I was pregnant and we made the Big Move when I was only 10 weeks along.  After my own birth experience, I fell in love with the idea of providing physical and emotional support to the women and families of Kansas City. I just saw so much value in having a doula present when going through one of life’s biggest transitions and greatest adventures.

When I’m not busy serving labor and postpartum clients all over Kansas City, you can usually find me reading on my back porch, cooking or baking, and I often find myself in the middle of a DIY project. I currently live in Smithville with my husband, Mike, and our 2 young boys.

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