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Starting from the moment you hire us, through labor and beyond, you will receive the best doula care in Kansas City! Whether you are looking for birth support, prenatal classes or newborn & postpartum care, your doulas at Oh Baby! KC are there for you to provide compassionate care, with modern, up-to-date information no matter what your birth or parenting preferences are.

We are here for you every step of the way.

Postpartum Care is the stuff new parents dream of! 

Having one of our wonderful postpartum doulas help you - whether its during the day to help you stay on top of household chores while you care for your baby, or overnight to give you an extra set of caring hands so you can get some much needed sleep - we've got you covered! 


"When we found out we were expecting twins we knew we would need additional support.  We can truly say hiring {Oh Baby! KC} for postpartum doula care has been the best investment we have ever made and our experience has exceeded our expectations."

- Emily, former client 


Birth Support 

Birth is hard work! We are specifically trained to provide a wide range of comfort measures regardless of how you decide to give birth. Everybody's needs are different and comfort measures look different on each individual, but as your doula, we will work with you to find what works best for YOU! 

Mary was my doula and she truly went above and beyond! She is so attentive and seems to know just what you need when you need it. My husband and I greatly appreciated her support!
— Former labor client


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