Life Hacks for Your Birth

Moms are resourceful and can McGyver their way out of almost any situation (ever used a diaper when you realize that you don't have any pads on you and your period starts while you're at your kid's soccer game? Well, you're welcome because it'll probably happen).

But if there's ever been a person who tops that, it's a mom who is also a doula! Because let's face it, birth is unpredictable and sometimes the thing you need is not in your doula bag or in the mom's birth bag. So what are you supposed to do? Make do, of course! 

I am going to share a few of my trade secrets with you in this post. I want to give you an idea of why having a doula is a great idea, what kinds of things we are capable of doing, and to reassure you that if you forget something, it's not the end of the world.

Instead of a tennis ball use:


Take a washcloth and get it wet. Fold it up as small and tightly as possible. Now smush it into a surgical glove and tie it off! Ta-da! 

Instead of an ice pack use:

Again, take a surgical glove and just fill it with ice. Tie it off and you've got an ice pack!

Instead of a hair tie use:

The cuff of the surgical glove or mask! You know how annoying it is to need your hair out of your face but not have a hair tie to hold it back? Well, just tear off the cuff of a glove! Or use a mask to tie your hair back. 

Instead of a rebozo for belly sifting use:

A bed sheet! To find out more about how to use a rebozo, check out this video.

Instead of using your hands/arms/shoulders/entire upper body to do a hip squeeze use:

Again, a bed sheet! Here's a demo for you!

You may not need all or even any of those things, but it's really good to know that if you do and you didn't pack it, you have options and can use what's already there in your space.


Knowing these tricks definitely don't replace having a doula - because a birth doula is more than her tools. But I hope this helps you in minimizing the space that is taken up in your birth bag and puts your mind at ease!