Family Friendly Things To Do In Kansas City This Fall

Happy Fall y’all! It may be 80 degrees, but the calendar says “Fall” and so it is.


What a summer eh? I don’t know about you, but we had a summer full of fun and relaxation - a much-needed break for sure! But now with the kids back in school and the days growing shorter and cooler, our weekends are dedicated to family time and squeezing out every last drop of this lovely weather before we are forced into hibernation. You feel me? 

Today, I wanted to share with you a few of our personal favorite family-friendly things to do in the Fall in Kansas City! And when I have them, I’ll also give you a few tips to make them baby-friendly (that isn’t “wear your baby”).

Yes, our nerd game is strong and I don’t care who knows about it! But the RenFest is such a fun event whether you go with or without the kids. When ours were tiny, we wouldn’t stay long because it is a lot of walking for little legs, but as they’ve grown and developed their parents’ love of nerdy things, our RenFest days have gotten sweeter. Their favorite thing is to grab a character bingo card from the front gate and have as many characters sign it as possible (my extroverted kiddo especially loves this, bless him), then at the end of the day we cash the cards in for a free ride on the giant dragon swing. They live for this stuff!

Baby tip: So on the RenFest’s FAQ they do say that there is a designated nursing area, which is nice when you need a secluded and quiet place to nurse your baby, but please remember that just because there is a designated area does NOT mean that you are required to only nurse  there. By Kansas law, you are allowed to nurse your baby wherever you are allowed to be and anybody who tells you otherwise is actually breaking the law.

If you live in the Northland, you are probably already familiar or love Fun Farm (or not. I only discovered it last year!). But for those of you who live south of the River, lemme tell you that this is a gem of a place that is worth the trek to God’s country, I mean, the Northland ;) 

Fun Farm is located in Kearney MO (north on I-35) and is an adorable and fun place to spend a warm Fall day. Between the corn maze, petting zoo, hay rides, corn pit, balloon trampolines and treehouse-esque playground, you could easily spend an entire afternoon here!


The Nelson has a special place in my heart because it is where my husband proposed to me nearly a decade ago (holy moly!). I know the idea of taking small children to an art museum might make you question my sanity, but hear me out! Being exposed to art has so many benefits for our little friends. It helps babies develop their eyesight as they focus on different colors and lines (abstract art is great for this!), but even young kids benefit. They are exposed to different thoughts and encouraged to explore their own artist expression, plus it really is a good exercise in boundaries because touching is a no-go! 

The nice thing about the Nelson is that once your littles just can’t contain their energy any longer, you can head outside and walk the grounds (my kids love the glass maze).

Baby tip: I know I said I wouldn’t say “wear your baby” and I’m not… not really. So if you are planning on wearing your baby to the Nelson, just know that they do not allow back carries! You have to wear your baby in a front carry. I suspect that it has something to do with parents not being able to keep tabs on little fingers behind their backs. Probably.

If childcare is your only excuse for not working out, you can put that excuse to rest because what the FabMama KC ladies have going on is G E N I U S! So not only can you bring your baby in a stroller, but they incorporate the strollers into the workouts. And this isn’t just your plain, boring workout in the park kind of meeting, they go to a bunch of places including the KC Zoo for a change in scenery and challenge. I’m personally not a fan of working out outside in the summer because Midwestern humidity is brutal, but this Fall would be a fantastic time to start!

What is Fall without apple or pumpkin picking?! Call me basic, but if that’s what you think then I feel sorry that you do not have joy in your heart. There’s just something lovely about picking your own apples to make an apple crisp (this one is my favorite!) or helping your kiddos pick out the perfect pumpkin. 

Of course there are so many other things to do in the Fall in KC, but those are our faves! What are your favorite things to do with your kiddos??