Childbirth Education Can't Help With Picking a Name. Or Can It?

We love our childbirth classes. We equip new parents with useful and purposeful tools that allow them to feel ready for the things they can expect in labor, and able to navigate the choices that may be a surprise. However, we can't help with everything.

There are so many ways our CBE classes help prepare you for what is coming. We can help understand medical and non-medical interventions, and help inspire a vision for your ideal delivery and how to bring it to reality. Moreover, of course, we give you information to prepare you for the beginning moments of your child's life.

The one thing we can't make easier is...picking your baby's name!

For those of you having a baby this season and next, you are giving birth in the busiest time of the year. If you have a list, it's entirely possible it keeps getting whittled down because friends of friends and neighbors are all having babies too!

So if you are getting to the bottom of your picking list, you might still be looking for options. And because we are never afraid of a challenge, we are offering up a few options that you may recognize from a childbirth class. Ready? (Ahem...No promises.)

For those people who are fans of essential oils, we offer up "Lavender," "Peppa" (peppermint), "Clery," and "Sage."

A traditional and functional piece of Mexican woven cloth sometimes used in birth is called a Rebozo. Because "Rebozo" could be shortened to "Bozo" very quickly - and we don't want that - we offer up "Reba" for consideration.

And that's it.

We tried to turn cervix into something usable, but no. We're sorry. There aren't many childbirth terms that are flexible to convert into baby names! Maybe "Ward" could be added?

But don't consider us because of our creative name prowess. Consider one of our group classes with 3 or 4 couples, or private instruction because we care that you have what you need to move forward with confidence.

We hope your birth experience is incredible, and best of luck coming up with the perfect name!

For a bit more help from outside of the childbirth realm we are happy to suggest a few more possibilities.

Names inspired by the seasons and holidays:






Cindy Lou














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