When to use Google, and when to show up

CCP: "Childbirth Class Panic"

Definition: Acknowledging in the relatively near future, you are going to become a parent to a human with very few prerequisites required, and maybe you should talk with someone who has some helpful bits of insight and expertise.

If this seems familiar, you are in good company! We can help!

Anyone can do a Google search for information.

Anyone can browse the bookstore shelves, and there are loads of online forums to ask questions and get feedback from others experiences (maybe more than you expected on that last one!).

So why do people still attend childbirth education classes? Skeptics claim all they need is a Google search away-- that taking a childbirth class is redundant and a waste of time. They may even add that people have been having babies for millennia-- so it isn’t something that needs to be taught; it is something that is done! 

We aren’t going to disagree with you except...

There is so much information available! You really can search for any detail of pregnancy, labor, and parenthood and you'll find loads of information. Including reasons to NOT take a childbirth classMore than likely, you'll get sucked into a Google vortex of info-overload and wonder if what you're reading is even applicable!

Our goal isn’t to prove you're going to get “new” information from your childbirth class. What will happen is you, gaining relevant information discussed in a way that is concise and-- dare we say- - in an enjoyable manner

And when you have questions, there is a person right there to answer it! Not a never-ending search results page staring blankly at you.

But let's back up... What do we mean enjoyable

Well, first there’s snacks (lol…) and second, you are not being talked to- you are being talked with! This is your birth experience, after all!

The nuts and bolts of birth are covered-- signs of labor and its stages, what happens physiologically, and how to cope-- but we also explore your unique desires, goals, and how to integrate those with the location and team that will be with you. You are the focus of the class. 

And here are some other key points to note: 

  • You can join a group class OR schedule a private class that works with your schedule.
  • One session. One. Come, get some information and useful tools, and go on with your life!
  • You will get a super helpful parents' guide to take home, meaning pregnancy-brain will not get the best of you!

Taking a childbirth education class doesn't need to be you, sitting in a room full of strangers, staring at Powerpoint slides, or watching an outdated birth video!

You know there are better options. And what we offer is a much better option!

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Mary Pope is a pre-certified Your Birth Experience Instructor