How to Have a Good Birth

There are so many ways to give birth. And everyone you ask (or don't ask, amirght?) will have opinions on how or how not you should give birth. So what's the right answer? What determines if you had a "good" birth or not?

So in figuring out what a good birth looks like, let's look at 3 of the different *kinds* of births! 



You show up to the hospital, having regular contractions and DANG! These things are a little more overwhelming then you thought they were going to be. "Umm, is it too soon to get that epidural? NO? One of those, please!" The anesthesiologist arrives to place your epidural, everything goes according to plan. Your nursing staff makes sure your blood pressure is good and baby's heart rate is steady, your doula makes sure you have water or ice chips and helps you move to different positions (because it's a little difficult to move around when you're numb from the armpits down). It's time to push and your OB/nurses/doula coaches you in pushing and your baby is born! Hurray!  


You labor mostly at home - either because you want to wait before heading to the hospital or birthing center oooor because you're having a homebirth (But let's just say you're going to a hospital, just for the sake of congruity). You decide that your contractions are close enough together, so you head to your hospital. You get there and you are asked by one of the wonderful nurses "Are you wanting an epidural?" "No thanks, I'd like to hold off for awhile yet." So you labor and work through the contractions, your partner and doula are working together to provide some comfort, and the nursing staff is monitoring you to make sure you and baby are healthy. You push for awhile and baby is born! 


Baby has been breach since 28 weeks. That little stinker just wouldn't flip no matter what you tried!  You are now 39 weeks, so you have a little chat with your OB and schedule your cesarean. You show up the day of, get prepped, and when the time comes, you are taken to the OR and your baby is born via cesarean at the hands of very capable and compassionate providers! 


So out of all of your options, how can you choose how to have a good birth?!

I'm sure by now you know the answer to this question. A good birth is the birth where the mother is supported and is not burdened with the expectations of other people. What may be one mother's ideal birth may not be another's ideal! Having a plan to cover all of the bases and having a compassionate & supportive birth team, can help to make your birth experience a GOOD one no matter how your baby is born. 


Birth happens. No one else can tell you if it was good or not.